Die Jahreszeit der klammen Finger

… ist angebrochen.

The weather gets cooler, I get sick, my favourite blogger Amber is whining again – gotta be autumn now, don’t you think?

Some random notes:

1. I need a new haircut.

2. I’m typing this from my new acer aspire, because my old laptop couldn’t be restored. This was super expensive and so I can’t buy any food until… summer next year. (Just kidding – winter next year is more likely…)

3. I already finished 10 layouts for The Album.

4. I still need to find an album to put them in though. Any recommendations?

5. I am really excited to see what Stampin’ Up! will have in their new catty that comes out the 1st of October.

6. The election of the German government will take place on the 27th and if you don’t know who to vote for I’d highly recommend the Wahl-O-Mat.

7. In case you don’t want to vote, please take a look at the following video featuring the very intelligent Ulrich Wickert (if you happen to understand any German).

7. If you don’t understand any German, you could watch the election-related video I posted some time ago featuring the wonderful Craig Ferguson instead.

8. Meet todays card:

hochzeit k

The sentiment was written with a black SU marker by yours truly 😉 But it’s copied from the “French Script” font that I adore.

Gotta go to sleep now, have a good night!

ETA: The vid was found by the genius that is Thorsten. Thank you for telling me off, Mr. Perfect… 😛

Blog-hopping deluxe

I’m a girl that’s not so easy to please (that sentence will get me a nod from René ;)). I’m very picky when it comes to layouts, cards and all that stuff. Well, everyone of us has their own style and likes/dislikes.

Now I’m going to recommend some of the blogs I read frequently at the moment:

First of all:

This is my favourite blog, written by the same incredibly talented woman who is the author of The Fashion Police.net. She lives in Scotland (very rainy) with her husband (very funny) and her dog (very scary ;)).
I love her stories and the hilarious stuff – she writes oh so well! (I have to admit, I sent her a handmade Christmas Card last year just because I love her stuff so much… Does that make me a geek?)

A great blog for my new hobby is

She’s only 4 years older than me and I admire her! She designs for several companies and her work is really inspiring. Her blog is a constant source of eye candy and her handwriting is to die for – seriously! I’m picky as I told you, but Kristinas style is just so… so…
I guess WOW describes it best 🙂

Another must-see blog is

She’s a Designer & the Co-owner of Papertrey Ink, one of my favourite companies where I’m going to place an order in the very near future (hello gorgeous stamps, hello tasty colours, helloooo cute ribbon!!! [hello empty bank account!]). Anyhow, her blog contains awesome creations and I love her often very clean and crisp layouts. Go and have a look!

Now last but not least I’d like to mention


She is an extremely successful Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator from Canada and I find her blog so inspiring! Be sure to check out her wonderful creations

So, as much as I love Germany (wouldn´t want to live in the States even if you paid me for it, sorry – although… scratch that! If you paid me, I totally would – I’m young and need the money), I am sooo jealous of all the ladies that live there since they get to do classes, parties, conventions… and all that stuff. Let me tell you, I envy you guys!