My precious

Today there is some serious eye candy I have to show you!
But first of all I wanted to thank you for all of the sweet comments about my new haircut – thanks girls, you really made me smile big-time!!

This week my postman brings quite lovely stuff – first those divine ATCs from our swap and then today my new earrings and bracelet (fresh from the States). I bought them on Etsy from GlitzGlitter – super nice and thoughtful (she even asked me the size of my wrist to adjust the bracelet without any extra fees). The jewellery had a great packaging – safe AND pretty!

Bountiful Harvest Bracelet

Eclipse Oxidized Black Pearl Earrings

I didn’t take those pictures, they’re both from the store.
I’m in love with my new jewellery and will wear it a lot! Thanks for everything (and also for the super fast shipping), CeeBee!

As I can’t seem to make short posts, here’s a small list of tutorials I recently found and adore.
Such clever people!

Fancy Christmas Wreath (seems like a lot of work, but soo pretty)
Handcut Title for Layouts (uuh gotta try this)
Easy Folded Gift Boxes (I think this is what most of my Xmas presents will come in)
Spring Ruffle Top (I wish I could sew like that. Want.)
Scrap Flower (are these fun or what?!)
Crochet Flower (this week a friend showed me how to make them, heehee)

Hope you find something you like!
Now to finish, meet today’s card & have a nice evening!

Kraft CS from PTI, Rubons by Cosmo Cricket

ETA: The bracelet was found via Moxie Fab World, thank you so much, Cath!

Henrietta, we bought no flowers for you

I’m back 🙂
Yep, just as announced, I stuck to my plan of MIA until everything was over. And I made it. On Wednesday I had my presentation and it went very well and just some hours ago I finished my essay.
Yee-haw, people!!

So, what happened in the meantime?

First of all, Buck turned three!!
(He got a big birthday bone which for me resulted in waking up to choking noises and other horrible things the next day, I’ll spare you the details.) The last year was not the best one for you, first moving then being diagnosed with Leishmaniasis… So here’s to hoping that the new year in your life will be much calmer and happier! Look at this little birthday boy:

buck graffitidog

Love you, cutie!

Next up, I wanted to show you the earrings I made with the help of my friend Anastasia while I was in my hometown over the weekend.

earrings june

I love them, they are so cool. Plus I made them. Which makes them even cooler. Whaddya think?

Last but not least a Thank You card I made for Kate & Steph over at the Passion for Papertrey blog and which – surprise – is made of items they sent me. I also made it with the new challenge in mind, which was to use buttons – easy peasy 😉

button it challenge

If you have any questions, let me know.
Holidays start tomorrow, so I finally get around doing all the stuff that needs to be done (good intentions…) and creating some stuff as I’ve been yearning to craft for the last weeks…!!

See you soon!