Summer Splash

Another post, another alliteration πŸ˜‰

How is everyone? I hope you’re all enjoying your summer vacation and have gone/are going on gorgeous trips to lovely places.

Let me show you a couple of cards I made last night in sort of a crafting fit after having been very productive – for a Saturday anyway πŸ˜€

The idea for this card came from this fantastic card by Yana Smakula I had pinned and when I browsed my Paper Love pinboard yesterday night, this stunning creation once again caught my eye.

I then looked through my stash to find a stamp set that would lend itself to the technique and grabbed my Paper Smooches “Reflections” set as well as a good number of inks I thought would work well together.

I made sure to start with the black sentiment, stamped doubly with the Misti and also followed Yana’s other instructions from her video. I loved listening to her and think she explains everything really well πŸ™‚I started stamping the largest elements first and worked my way towards the smaller images, always keeping that white 1/4″ border in mind that Yana mentions.

The trickiest part was really to find a color combination that works. I don’t have a large collection of inks and the ones I do have are from different manufacturers such as Altenew, Distress, PTI, Archival, Avery Elle, MFT, Studio Calico etc. I tried to orient myself towards the color combo Yana had used and ended up using all dye inks.

The second card uses the same recipe, I just switched out the turquoise color and filled the space a bit differently. Finally, I took some colored pencils to give the stamped images more depth and texture – that makes all the difference, I believe. The card changes from “flat” to “more texture” and from “simply stamped” to “more artsy”, I’d say.

Again, I don’t have a huge collection of colored pencils, but the ones I have were a good match, I find πŸ™‚

What about you? Are you an ink collector? How do you find good color combos with the inks you have? I’d love to hear from you! πŸ™‚



Leaving on a jet plane

Hey there!
How are you? It’s been way busy over here, for the last weeks I’ve been running around like a headless chicken and there’s no end in sight. Well actually, that’s untrue. The end will come on February 19th which will apparently be the day I get on a plane and fly far, faaaar away (Auckland and Heidelberg are precisely 18,244 km apart). So, now you know. I still don’t know how I am supposed to survive without my crafting stuff though (there’s a limit of 30 kg plus 7 kg hand luggage). Not for more than two weeks… and certainly not for five months.

Meet today’s card, it’s a sweet mix of Cosmo Cricket and PTI goodness. Rustic Cream cardstock, some Early Bird patterned paper, clear embossed polka dots and BG chipboard letters – voilΓ !

Anyway, gotta go, still lots of work to do, people to call, forms to fill in… you get the picture.
See yas!

Colleagues! Non-flushing is terrorism!

This title was the subject of one of the spam-mails I got some weeks ago – I thought it was hilarious, so there you have it πŸ˜‰

Anyhow, I’m still visiting my mom (and I’m still sick), she had a great birthday and I managed to get the 24 layouts finished just in time. Stay tuned for pictures from the album, I’ll post them (one layout at a time) soon!


Here’s a list of random thoughts.

#1 – Some really enjoyable movies I watched recently: “Up” from Pixar (super hilarious, esp. if you’re a dog owner), “Benny & Joon” (from 1993 with a very young yet brilliant Johnny Depp) and “Me & Marley” (boy did I cry… is there anything sadder than a dying dog?!!).

#2 – My Google reader currently lists 431 unread articles. Apparently not being online for four days means loads of great stuff to read/see. {insert happy sigh}

#3 – I’m too sick to visit my cousin and her new baby. Dang. But I made her a video message (imagine a camera, lots of smiling and too much head wagging).

#4 – The semester starts in about a week and I have this kind of ambiguous feeling of looking forward to new challenges vs. being scared to death because of the expectations (of teachers, family, but probably of mostly myself).

#5 – I just bought my first-ever paper flowers (Generally not a big fan of Primas and such) – Sprites NΒ° 3. We’ll see how we get along πŸ˜‰

#6 – My printer refuses printing. The very moment the new semester starts I will have to print stuff (speeches etc.). This means buying a new one. Grrrrr-eat… What is it about all those expensive electronic devices dying?

#7 – In my next post there will be pictures of the baby album I made, so for now just a card (above: with siblings). Enjoy!


ETA: The idea for these cards came from those beauties by Dawn McVey.

Je ne regrette rien

Hello there!
How’ve you been?

I’ve been pretty productive the last days (only craft-wise, haha) and made my first five 12×12 scrapbook pages. They’re loaded with pictures from our vacation in South Africa and I am planning on making a whole album for my mom’s birthday. (I don’t think she’ll read this and in case she does, she already guessed that anyway :)) Anyway, of course I can’t show them to you yet, but I promise to take pictures and post them at the beginning of October.

On Thursday I went to see “Religulous” with my friend Carola, I highly recommend it!
It’s very provocative of course, but sadly also very true. About Bill Mahers opinions expressed in the movie I have to say: If you know me, you’ll agree that there’s no need to preach to the converted (no pun intended) πŸ˜‰ It’s very funny, I almost spit on the people in front of me several times πŸ˜€ So if it’s airing in a movie theater near you, go watch it!


Oooh look at these!
Are they from a secret admirer?
From a neighbourhood guy who has a crush on me?

Nope, they’re from my Mom πŸ™‚ She wanted to cheer me up and seriously, there aren’t many colours that I’d consider cheerier than this bright orange – isn’t she the best? *smooch*

Well, that’s about what I wanted to write to you, my pretend audience.
To finish off here’s a little card I made:

drawn by myself

BTW this is not a stamp. I drew that with a white gel pen πŸ™‚
Have a great week!

This Scene Is Dead

I’ve been visiting my mom for a week now, that’s why I’ve been missing in action.

On Thursday we had the most beautiful, hot summer day which we spent lying in the sun and swimming in a little lake near my hometown. We went to the cinema twice (one was 3D, really cool) and for Sunday Buck and I were invited to a garden party (I made our special cheese & onion bread).

I’m back now, went to work today, also went to the vet with Buck (he has a bit of a cold and therefore received an injection, but he was a good boy and didn’t cry ;)) and now I’m here to share a card I made – some Cosmo Cricket sweetness. Aren’t these bunnies just the cutest?!

bunnies card

bunnies card closeup

It’s okay to love the way that something looks… Just be sure beneath it something hooks.

Hello everybody, I’m back with a card I just made (about half an hour ago!) for participating in Dawn McVey’s Colour Challenge for the first time. The colours we were to use are as follows:


Very girly, pretty much like most of the stuff Dawn makes πŸ˜‰ And here’s what I created:

sweet bird rscc14

Dontcha just looove the bird? It’s from PRIMA and I think it is totally sweet.
BTW sorry for the blurry grey photo, you know how they say: “How do you recognize Germany on a satellite picture? – From the closed cloud cover.” πŸ˜‰

Anyhow, here are the details:

CS: PTI Rustic Cream, Stampin’ Up Raspberry Tart DSP
Ink: PTI Plum Pudding
Stamps: PRIMA Clear Stamp Birdy
Ribbon: Fancypants Designs All Fall Gingham
Button: from my local sewing shop
Other stuff: Elegant Eggplant Marker, Fiskars Scallop Sentiment punch, coloured pencil

sweet bird closeup

As you can see, I threaded the button with purple paper (“faux thread”), a very smart trick I learned from Andrea Walford.
Well, I hope you like it and if you do, I’d love you to leave a comment!
Have a great day!

I tried to do handstands for you

Hey everyone!
I’ve been off for over a week since I had a friend from my hometown visiting me. So for one whole week I was busy entertaining her πŸ˜‰ But now I’m back, sharing with you some stuff I made over the next days.

First of all, here’s the card for my brothers b-day:

bb bday

In diesem Sinne: Alles Gute, Großer!
{BTW this is a shameless CASE from Kristina Werners supercute card. Um, did I mention I dreamt of visiting her in the States the other night… yeah I know πŸ˜€ lol!}

Next up I got a Blog Award!! Dana gave it to me, so: Thanks, chickie!


Since it’s my second award, I might just have to open a new category πŸ™‚

What you need to do when you receive this award:

* Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
* Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you have newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So in order to comply [a bit] with these rules, here are some newly-found blogs or other gems from blogland I’d like to tell you about (in no special order):

#1 Sandra aka Scrapperia – Talented and incredibly funny (if you happen to understand any German)

#2 Stephanie – Of course she had a blog before, but look! It’s all new πŸ™‚

#3 Savitri – most of you will probably know her, she’ll soon move to Europe, yay πŸ™‚

#4 Deanna Woodland – I’ve been a loyal follower of her blog for quite some time, go check it out!

#5 Clean and Simple – just as the name suggests πŸ˜‰

#6 Laura – Her creations are adorable! And she used to live in Germany! πŸ™‚

#7 Alberto CerriteΓ±o – That’s a different kind of blog, but that man is so awesome, I had to share.

#8 Danielle Layton – She used to be on the Cosmo Cricket DT, but not only her artwork, also her posts are way cool!

#9 Krystie Lee – She made me do it! She made me buy the supercute stamps! I ripped the package open and used them all the day they came! In my next post you’ll see what I did with them πŸ™‚ Hee.

Oh, so many smilies – see, I had to tell you about them since these blogs really make me smile!!
Anyway, have a great Monday!!

Secondary translation: you’re doin’ it wrong!

Of course there’s also a card to share, but first of all I have to tell you that I went to see “Milk” – a very good movie! Sean Penn was incredible, really. Great actor.
One thing though: I’d rather have seen it in English, which apparently had better voices and of course no bad translations.

Seriously, some mistranslations hurt me physically. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but these are mistakes that translators just shouldn’t make. Or of course, if the following examples weren’t translated by a professional, here are some good reasons to employ one:

In the movie, one guy says something like “Is it just me or is this guy incredibly cute” – the German version was “Bin das nur ich oder…”

Or in one episode of the Gilmore Girls, Rory declares “I’m cool with that” and they translated it with “Ich bin cool damit”

Or look at this bad boy AKA a Ben & Jerry’s ad:


I’m sorry, but “in 2009” is not German.
And yet it’s conquering the German language – help!!

Some of the worst translational mistakes can be seen in the German versions of Stampin’ Up!s catalogues though. For example this little ugly thing:

kind people

Just a little explanation: The English >>equivalent<< is "Kind people are the best kind of people." I don't think there's anything else to say but: WTF??!!!

I'm sorry, this might be what you'd call "Berufskrankheit" (occupational disease) but it makes my eyes bleed.
Seriously, people @ SU! Germany: You missed the point. Entirely. Please stop making all those gross mistakes. Produce something that we can use, for heavens sake! Thank you.

To finish, meet todays card:

star sweetheart

Have a good night!

Henrietta, we bought no flowers for you

I’m back πŸ™‚
Yep, just as announced, I stuck to my plan of MIA until everything was over. And I made it. On Wednesday I had my presentation and it went very well and just some hours ago I finished my essay.
Yee-haw, people!!

So, what happened in the meantime?

First of all, Buck turned three!!
(He got a big birthday bone which for me resulted in waking up to choking noises and other horrible things the next day, I’ll spare you the details.) The last year was not the best one for you, first moving then being diagnosed with Leishmaniasis… So here’s to hoping that the new year in your life will be much calmer and happier! Look at this little birthday boy:

buck graffitidog

Love you, cutie!

Next up, I wanted to show you the earrings I made with the help of my friend Anastasia while I was in my hometown over the weekend.

earrings june

I love them, they are so cool. Plus I made them. Which makes them even cooler. Whaddya think?

Last but not least a Thank You card I made for Kate & Steph over at the Passion for Papertrey blog and which – surprise – is made of items they sent me. I also made it with the new challenge in mind, which was to use buttons – easy peasy πŸ˜‰

button it challenge

If you have any questions, let me know.
Holidays start tomorrow, so I finally get around doing all the stuff that needs to be done (good intentions…) and creating some stuff as I’ve been yearning to craft for the last weeks…!!

See you soon!


Hey everyone, just a super quick post to show you my latest creation using buttons for Jenni’s Challenge:

notecard button

Okay true, it’s only one button. But it’s super big and it’s part of the focal point! πŸ™‚ Jenni is a SU! Demo from Germany and so I used Stampin’ Ups super cute Polka Dot Designer Series Paper in Pink Pirouette.

Hope you like it and thanks Jenni for letting us participate in this super fun challenge!

On another note, I’ve been participating in the Passion for Papertrey Challenge the last two times. They are celebrating 10,000 hits and even though this time there’s no challenge, there is some Candy! Yep, candy with a big C! You can win PTI’s 2008 Limited Edition Stamp Set – Everyday Classics which as you might know is not available for purchase!


Whaddya think? I think it’s really versatile with all the sentiments and I {heart} the cute star & the flower.

Anyhow, gotta go and do something for my lecture.
Tonight we have a little dinner from work, whee!
Have a great, sunny day!