Toilet-Paper-Roll Binding

Hello friends,

I’ve had this idea up my sleeve for a long time.

And now I’ve finally managed to snap the pictures to go along with what I call *The Toilet Paper Roll Mini Album* – hope you like 🙂


First up, what you need is:

A toilet paper roll
A sewing machine or a good long-arm stapler
Paper, photos and embellishments of your choosing
Tape Runner and/or Sticky Strip (a strong double-sided adhesive)
Fabric, Fab Rips or Linen/Cotton Binding Tape
Some ribbon to tie the album closed (optional)

So, you take an ordinary toilet paper roll:

IMG_2886-001And you press it down in the middle, like this:


IMG_2891-001And now make it round again. It will look like this:

IMG_2892-001Then turn it 90 degrees to the right and push it down again:

IMG_2893-001Now, pinch the edges you have just created together. Like so:


Oooh look, it’s a bunny head! 😀

IMG_2896-001Now you take the “bunny ears” and push them down:

IMG_2897-001As a last, toilet-roll-forming step, we pinch all of the edges together:

IMG_2899-001Now, take your eight prepared pages:

IMG_2901-001Mine look like this:

127___05Glue your pages together, but make sure to leave a gap on that one edge where we’re going to sew the pages to our binding:

IMG_2910-001Take your last page and slide it over the right crease:


Take your trusty sewing machine or long-reach stapler and attach the pages, one by one:

IMG_2916-001Your spine will now look like this:

IMG_2917-001Now do the same with your remaining three pages:

IMG_2921-001IMG_2923-001Your spine will start to look a bit chaotic, but don’t worry – remember:
It doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s handmade.

IMG_2926-001IMG_2932-001By the time you want to attach the third and the last page, it might get a tad bumpy under the presser foot. Just soldier on and sew those pages to the spine.


Push down the front page, so that we have our little book laying in front of us. It won’t lay flat at this point, but we’ll take care of that in a moment.

IMG_2938-001IMG_2941-001You can simply cut off the threads or collect them – as I did here – on the spine in order to cover them in the next step:


To cover up the sewing and the grey cardboard on our spine, you can use sticky strip and Fab Rips as well as Linen Binding Tape, like I did here:


The spine will look like this:

IMG_2948-002If you wish, you can add some more Binding Tape:

IMG_2957-002And now, you can use a large bulldog clip or a heavy book to press down the pages a bit. How successful you are may depend on how bulky your embellishments are. The album will always look a bit wonky, but I think that adds to its handmade/recycled charm. 🙂

IMG_2963-002Finally, if desired, you can add ribbon or twine to hold the album closed.


Whew, those were a lot of photos! But I hope you like the tutorial and maybe you’ll try this kind of recycling sometime soon 🙂
Do let me know!

Have a lovely weekend!


About ninasays

A conference interpreter (German, English, French), living in Mannheim, Germany and taking an interest in an array of things such as papercrafting, language matters and food. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)

3 responses to “Toilet-Paper-Roll Binding

  1. Mhm, haha! The bunny ears =) Fabulous as only you can do, Nina!

  2. Sehr originell- upcycling at it’s best!

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