Nachlese Xmas 2012

Hey peeps,

a Happy New Year to everyone of you!


In case you were wondering – I’m still alive and well, it’s just that the holidays, a vacation and that whole being-self-employed thing can take up quite a lot of time. Also, in December I have posted some things in forums as opposed to my blog which added to my blogging hiatus.

So, without further ado, I’d like to show you some of the Christmas cards I made – hope you’re not too tired of looking at Christmas-related stuff 🙂

IMG_6225-001 IMG_6229-001

This year’s go-to card design – very flat and mailable, yet with trendy elements like sewing, washi tape and glitter splatters.


IMG_6088-002A little emerald green and woodgrain plus gold…

IMG_6094-002Some fun winter scenery courtesy of this lovely card made by the very talented Julie Ebersole.

IMG_6104-002Cute snowman (a brand-new Tim Holtz blueprint stamp) on diagonal stripes…

IMG_6247-001A little bird bringing winter wishes to dear friends…


IMG_6081-002Some more sewing and stamping…


IMG_6250-002Unfortunately, this lovely number apparently didn’t make it to its destination…


IMG_6242-001And that would have been the card for my (celebrity superstar ;)) friend Dana, if the Swiss post would have bothered to deliver it to her… *insert grumpy face*


I did hop onto the bandwagon of December Dailies in 2012 and since mine is not even halfway finished, here’s a sneak peek of the cover 🙂

What do you think? Any favourites among these?

Thanks for looking and see you soon!

About ninasays

A conference interpreter (German, English, French), living in Mannheim, Germany and taking an interest in an array of things such as papercrafting, language matters and food. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)

7 responses to “Nachlese Xmas 2012

  1. YAY, neues Blog Design!! Deine Karten sind wie immer 1-a und wenn ich jetzt meine potentielle Karte sehe krieg ich auch dieses *grumpyface* Gefühl… Aaaaber, was ist den das tolle obere (braune) Papier bei dem Emerald?? *yummy* LG, 😀

  2. You make such cute and funky cards:) thankyou so much for my card and xmas love. I love hearing from you – brings you a little closer:)

  3. chiao Tan

    Lovely cards love them!

  4. Hey Nina, wieder sehr fein.
    Sag’ mal, könntest Du Dich mal bei uns melden. Wir hätten da einen Anschalg auf Dich vor 😉

    Lieben Gruß

    von der Feinen Billetterie

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