And I just pretend I’m listening

Actually I wanted to write a nice post for ya on Monday (or Tuesday), asking you how your weekend was, telling you that mine was… interesting… or maybe not. (And thanking Buck for being an overall adorable dog and a very grateful subject for any conversational barrier.) {Don’t ask ^^}

And I would’ve posted pictures of the apple pincushions I had promised you.

But then my laptop died. Well, not all of it, just the keyboard. So we did a big backup and we sent it to Acer for repair. They told me it would take around 10 days, so here I am, with the little Netbook my boyfriend lent me (<3). Unfortunately the backup is encoded, so there’s no way I could access my photos right now :/ Next time, promise!

I have just finished the book about Scrapbooking in America and I’m gonna leave you with a quote I loved:

“If you’re hung up on nostalgia, pretend today is yesterday and just go out and have one hell of a time.” (Art Buchwald)

See you soon!

I am now finally able to post the “apples” I made some time ago. Dana already had a little sneak peek of one of the pincushions on her blog, but today I’ll show you both apple pincushions. One of them was made for a very dear friend of mine and after a mere  3 months (in the UK they have started to call postal services  the “Royal Fail”, maybe we should think of an equivalent… ;)) it had made it’s way to her, to the other side of the planet, the southern hemisphere – New Zealand!

Here’s hers:

I made both at once, using this lovely sewing pattern from Heather Bailey. The green fabric is from her store as well.

The other “ingredients” were bought at my local sewing/ craft store and there’s also some cutie pie felt from Benzie Bazaar (great customer service, super friendly, quick shipping and the felt  – the quality, the colours – my oh my!).

I still can’t believe I made them with my own hands – no sewing machine used here, no siree.

About ninasays

A conference interpreter (German, English, French), living in Mannheim, Germany and taking an interest in an array of things such as papercrafting, language matters and food. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)

4 responses to “And I just pretend I’m listening

  1. topkatnz

    Oh dear! thank goodness for Buck:)

  2. Oh Mist, hoffentlich ist Dein Laptop bald wieder da. Aber Buck nimmt bestimmt gerne die Zeit ein, die Du sonst am PC verbringen würdest. 😉 🙂

    Ganz liebe Grüße, Tina

  3. Hier wohnt auch ein kranker Acer-Laptop. Bei mir liegt das Display im Sterben. 😦

  4. Love the quote 🙂

    I will share one with you one that I heard for the first time a few days ago.

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present.

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