Worth trying

Hey there 🙂

How’ve you been?
I’ve been — here all the time, to be honest. I read aaaaaall your posts (really. all of them.), but somehow it’s hard to write one myself. And it’s not like I’d have to write an awful lot – pretty picture here, little link or video there… who knows. Also my crafty time has gotten scarcer in the last months. Basically ever since I came back from NZ.

It might have something to do with living differently. After all I’ve only ever had one room. When I was small I had a room with my brother. Then I got a room for myself. Later on as an Au-Pair or with flatmates: one room (even though it did get bigger over time, I admit).

Now: three rooms. Bedroom, Living room, Room with desk & crafty space (which should be an enabler, right?!). BUT. I am not a person to be alone. Though I do like being alone, too. But in general (and in the evenings) I find it so much nicer to maybe do whatever I do, while still being in the same room with the BF and the goggie. Hmm.

So… that was a speech… and a half…
On to my usual blogging cards and shout-outs:

Number One here is a total copy of a card I saw at Nichole Heady’s blog some time ago that I just loved so much. I used what I had on hand and created a card that would be equally suitable for a friend as well as for your valentine (IF he doesn’t mind purple and pink ^^). I just thought adding that little pencil behind a handwritten sentiment was pure genius 🙂
The background stamp is from Studio Calico – looove!

Here are two more shots of the card, created with mostly Papertrey goodies.

The next one is a card I made with the latest Passion for Papertrey Challenge in mind, which was based upon a photo with lovey dovey heart-shaped, colourfully frosted cookies. So I decided to incorporate some pink as well as some fun dots aka sprinkles (and of course, a heart!). That now makes for an overall sweet and valentine-sy card 🙂

Papertrey products used are: Rustic Cream Cardstock, Raspberry Fizz Swiss Dot Ribbon and Palette Noir Ink. The patterned paper is from the Cosmo Cricket DeLovely Collection (btw did you see the Social Club reveal??? I almost died of joy).

The layout is from the uber-talented Kristina Werner (no surprises here) and I really like how it turned out.

Last but not least a little square card that I made for my grandma’s 75th birthday:She loves flowers (also fake ones ^^) and I thought a little more oomph and elegance suit a round birthday like this just fine. I didn’t want the flowers to get squished or damaged, so I wrapped the card with some bubble wrap and tucked that into an “XS PackSet” (a very small ready-made parcel) to send it to her. I’m happy to report that it arrived safely and that she really liked it 🙂

The satin bow was made from recycled ribbon that once was bound around a lovely bunch of flowers I got from Nico 🙂
Oh, and of course I’d like to mention that this card is a total CASE of Windy Robinsons lovely creation that I saw on the Moxie Fab blog not long ago.

I know this is a heck of a long post – but just for the record: I AM GOING to the Crop am Rhein (one of the very few the only big Scrapbooking event in Germany [disclaimer: as far as I know]). Luckily I got exactly the right amount of Christmas money for this. It’s the first time for me ever to participate and I am SO excited!! I even dreamt about it already twice (I dream a lot).

I also got a blog award, but this will have to wait until next time 🙂
See ya soon!

P.S. The title is from my latest addiction – Sara Bareilles live at the Fillmore. The music is amazing, love her voice and the witty lyrics – surely this won’t be “her last contribution” to my post titles 😉


About ninasays

A conference interpreter (German, English, French), living in Mannheim, Germany and taking an interest in an array of things such as papercrafting, language matters and food. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)

6 responses to “Worth trying

  1. Hey there, back to you! (;

    WOW, Deine Karten find ich echt genial!
    Die sehen perfekt aus! (;
    Du musst mir sagen, wie die Blumen gemacht und vor allem fixiert sind!

    …und ich muss die blogs der papertrey Mädels echt mal näher anschauen! Erins Blog (procrastination station) verfolge ich ja schon seit sie bei CK war!

    Einen guten Start in die neue Woche wünsche ich Dir! (;

  2. topkatnz

    Love your Grandmas card – I’m sure she loved it too! I find blogging seems harder the less you do it. I write a lot in ‘drafts’ and then tweak and publish when it suits.

  3. Nina, Du warst ja regelrecht in einem Posting-Rausch. 😉 🙂
    Deine Karten sind jede für sich wundervoll und ich kann mir gut die Freude Deiner Oma vorstellen, als dieses Kunstwerk bei ihr eintraf. Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich an das Geburtstagskind. 🙂

    Hab viel Spaß beim Crop und berichte bitte ausführlich, ich bin neugierig. 🙂

    Ganz liebe Grüße, Tina

  4. Hey there 🙂 Na, hast Du das Wochenende mit den Besuchern gut überstanden? Bin ja mal auf Dein Update gespannt *g* Die Karten sind ja mal wieder der Hammer, werde die gleich mal in meine VisualizeUs Linksammlung übernehmen. Was Deine Frage wegen der Fotos angeht: Eine alte Bürolampe mit einer 60 Watt Tageslichtglühbirne kann Wunder vollbringen… wobei mir Tageslicht natürlich immer noch am allerliebsten ist. LG nach BaWü 🙂

    PS: Du gehst zum CAR? Shimelle und Celine treffen? NEID!! =)

  5. Ngawini

    Totally love your card for your Grandma! Quite beautiful. The others are great too, of course.
    I’m off down to Wellington again this weekend to play with Mila and her parents! Mila is in a soccer team . . . the mini-Italian team made up of 2 year olds who seem to have a smidgen (or more) italian ancestry!

  6. Beautiful cards! I hope you get your laptop back soon. I would love to see the pincushions you made. 🙂

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