A little hello from Wellington

Hey everyone!

How do I love to type these words….: ICH. BIN. FERTIG. *relievedsigh*
Yep, no more assignments, projects, essays, tests… I thought it would feel sooo good and oh yes, it does 🙂

Having finished all that, I wanted to see some more of New Zealand, so I decided to head down south to Wellington. The flight was spectacular – great weather, magnificent view and stunning landscape! So here are pics from my flight today:

Flying out of Auckland over the Manukau Harbour

Flying out of Auckland over the Manukau Harbour

A breathtaking view of Mount Taranaki (another volcanic cone)

Flying into Wellington you can spot a bit of the South Island

And maybe even the "Southern Alps" with their snowcapped peaks

On this shot we have the utmost south of the North Island and a little peak at the South Island - love!

Some of the landscape surrounding Wellington. It's just how you would imagine New Zealand to look like, isn't it?

Okay, so I am planning on exploring this city a bit and have some really cool days here with my friends Ngawini, Carla & her family. It’s really cold here though (0-2°C) so I better go to bed and warm my hands (maybe on the cat that has snuggled up next to me… ^^)

Have a great week!
Xoxo – Nina


About ninasays

A conference interpreter (German, English, French), living in Mannheim, Germany and taking an interest in an array of things such as papercrafting, language matters and food. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)

4 responses to “A little hello from Wellington

    Wann geht’s weiter?

    Liebe Grüße
    aus der Heimat (;

  2. Hallo Nina,

    wie gut, daß Du diese stressige Zeit schon mal hinter Dir hast. Mach Dir tolle Tage und kuschel noch weiter mit der Katze. Das Geschnurre ist eins der schönsten Geräusche, die es gibt, oder?
    Danke für die tollen Bilder, das sieht alles wirklich wundervoll aus – wenn man warm eingepackt ist. 😉 🙂

    LG, Tina

  3. Hey! Gorgeous pics!!
    When are you returning? I plan on being an hour away early Sept. I need to pick the husband up and attend his graduation at some Air Space near Ramstein… it’s Kaiser something or another. It’s 23 min. east of Ramstein and 53 min. west of Heidelberg. Would love to at least have tea/coffee with you!! I’m going to start learning some basic German 😛

  4. Hi Du, kann gar nicht glauben, dass Du in ein paar Tagen schon wieder zurück fliegst! Deine Reisebilder sind alle so spectakulär, dass ich nicht schlecht Lust hätte sofort los zu jetten :o) Genieß’ die Tage dort drüben – auch das kühle Wetter bitte – es hat gerade fast 40° C im Schatten und ich bin total erschlagen davon und mach mich auf den Weg ins/ ans Wasser 🙂

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