She would tell me a secret. I would lose it the next day.

It’s a great day for America – it’s Friday!! Yees, it’s Friday everyone…
Okay I’ll stop channeling Craig now.

First of all, I just got back from Karlstorkino, a little artsy movie place in Heidelberg. Currently there’re “Audrey” weeks and so tonight they screened “Charade” – one word: LOVE.
Imagine me doing a little happy dance here 🙂
It’s such a great movie!! Brilliant dialogues, an exciting plot and of course the legend that is Audrey Hepburn complimented by the wonderful acting of classic Cary Grant. Many scenes to laugh, to hold your breath, to smile…
I really recommend seeing this movie, I’ve definitely put it on my “favourites” list. I’ll probably buy the DVD if I can get hold of it somehow.

buck sunset

Now a totally different topic, something rather upsetting:

Buck has Leishmaniasis.

I knew there was something wrong with him getting some kind of nodes in his ears. When he had eye surgery one week ago they removed a small mucosal excrescence. The vet said they’d check on what it is and now they’re pretty sure he’s got Leishmaniasis. Which sucks. More than you can imagine. We don’t know yet how serious this is, they took a blood sample from him today. So I’ll tell you how the results are when we get them. I’ll go and hug and squeeze him a little now.
Have a good night!

P.S. The title is from The Fratellis, currently loving their song “Ole Black ‘n Blue Eyes” though the lyric comes from “For the Girl”.


About ninasays

A conference interpreter (German, English, French), living in Mannheim, Germany and taking an interest in an array of things such as papercrafting, language matters and food. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)

4 responses to “She would tell me a secret. I would lose it the next day.

  1. What an awesome picture of Buck! It really does him justice, looks like a movie still 🙂

  2. topkatnz

    That is a stunning picture of Buck…so sorry that he is unwell … big hugs for you both … hoping things go well.

  3. topkatnz

    p.s. never seen that Audrey Hepburn film … must check it out…and I love your blog

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