I’m a hybrid person

I just brought Buck to his, um “other residence” and as it is always the case, now I feel strange.

When he’s there I feel more or less like a parent, bearing responsibility and taking care for him. He was sick the last days (had to get an injection, antibiotics etc. because of a wound on his leg) and I was of course worried and also: angry.
He was with his “owner” when he got injured and I was – again – the one to worry and take him to the vet. These are things I’m never going to understand. And I’m just mad and also sorry for Buck, because he deserves better. He depends on us. It’s not okay to ignore this. I don’t expect him to cook for him or entertain the dog 24/7, but holy bejesus, it’s about his health-!

So now I left him “there” and tomorrow he has to go to the vet again to see if the antibiotics have worked and I expect to get some kind of report on how it went. I’m not really comfortable with knowing that a person who hasn’t proven reliable in the last time is in charge of something as important as the health of my dog…

So every time I leave Buck there, I feel like a hybrid person – half dog “mom”, half independent. It’s a strange feeling, every time I’m also relieved not to be in charge of him all of the time. But it’s still kinda hard to bring him there and go home alone.

Anyways, I didn’t want to bore you, I just wanted it off my mind, because I still have to learn and read quite a bit, because tomorrow is the first “Monday Conference” (Moko) for me EVER. And I sit in one of the booths and interpret the first half. Whew. Of course I won’t let you go without some eye candy. Enjoy!


Yep, I made that lollipop flower, cute ay 🙂


BTW the fabulous fabric is from Heather Bailey, check her collections out here.


About ninasays

A conference interpreter (German, English, French), living in Mannheim, Germany and taking an interest in an array of things such as papercrafting, language matters and food. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)

4 responses to “I’m a hybrid person

  1. Poor Buck 😦 Hope he`ll be better soon, i miss him 😦
    i like the card.

    All the best for tomorrow!

  2. ummmm … why are you sharing care of a dog?? … sounds like you should have him permanently if the other person is so unreliable …??? although, imagine sharing custody of actual kids … poor you for your worry … it’s very tough with animals because they can’t tell you what they are thinking, and are totally reliant on you …

  3. Hi hi, sorry für die späte Meldung. Ich bin dabei! 🙂 Muss nur noch rausfinden, ob ich besser Bahn oder Auto fahre. Um welche Zeit wollt Ihr den dort sein? LG

  4. Juhu! Google sagt, ich brauche ca. 2 Stunden Fahrtzeit (und dann wissen die ja noch gar nicht, dass ich mich grundsätzlich verfahre *lol*). Werd also ein bisschen später kommen, aber die meisten Workshops fangen scheinbar ja auch erst um 10 Uhr rum an 🙂 Magst Du mir Deine Handynr schicken, damit wir uns am Samstag zusammentelefonieren können? Ich habe gerade Kommentarmoderation eingestellt, d.h. ich würde Deine Nummer natürlich nicht auf dem Blog veröffentlichen 😉 Freu mich!

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