23 yesterday

Hey peeps!

This is just a real quick post to tell all of you a BIG THANK YOU for all the warm words and hugs and presents – you’re the best!

I’m on the run because I’m driving home to my mom in three hours and until then I have to clean up the mess from yesterday’s party and pack my stuff. Plus I have to pop by at work, because I made two loafs of the famous cheese & onion bread and we only managed to eat one of them yesterday evening. So I thought I’d bring them the other loaf, hope they like it! They sang for me yesterday, it was too cute 🙂 Yay for having the best colleagues!

Anyways, what I wanted to share just really quick is a picture that knocked me off my socks when I discovered it this morning (note: am still able to be overly excited about something even if I had a total 14 hours of sleep for three nights). A friend made this for me and sent me the link, check this out:


So if by any chance you live in my hometown, you can go there and have a look. This is SO awesome! (the big letters say “all the best” and to the left it says “for Nina”)
I am so blessed to have all of these great people in my life, I truly am.
To finish, a quote by Cicero:
“Keine Schuld ist dringlicher, als die, Dank zu sagen.” (more or less: Nothing is of higher priority than to say thanks)

So again: Thanks everyone, I love you guys!


About ninasays

A conference interpreter (German, English, French), living in Mannheim, Germany and taking an interest in an array of things such as papercrafting, language matters and food. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)

6 responses to “23 yesterday

  1. sending you warm birthday wishes for yesterday Nina! sounds like you are surrounded by lots of love and friendship, hope you had a wonderful day …

  2. Ooh, happy belated birthday!

  3. Terry

    I hope you had a lovely day and ate lots of cake 🙂

  4. ninasays

    Thank you all so much!!!

  5. Geez… da sagst Du was, bin gestern fast vom Sessel gerutscht!! :)) Aber Du kannst Dich kaum beschweren – man hat Dir offensichtlich ein ganzes Kunstwerk gewidmet (siehe oben) *g* Herzlichen GlĂĽckwunsch nachträglich!!

  6. Hi Nina, sorry, hab Deinen Kommentar wg. der Stempelmesse gerade erst entdeckt (muss mal diese E-Mail-Info einstellen). Habe auch schon darĂĽber nachgedacht, aber bin mir noch nicht sicher. Reicht Dir nächsten Mittwoch oder so noch eine Antwort? Bei mir hat das Semester gestern nämlich auch wieder total chaotisch angefangen… LG

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