Is it cos I’m … lazy

Here’s a little list because I can’t be bothered trying to link each topic to the other or writing something proper. Hee.

1. Yesterday we went to the movies and saw Slumdog Millionaire. Two words: MUST. SEE.
Loved every minute of it, very cool tracking shots, impressive pictures, great story. Something to laugh, something to cry, something to hold your breath. Perfect. Can totally see why it got so many awards.

2. Next movie to see is Religulous, because of the subject and because of this:

Still can’t believe he’s married now though ;D (obviously Craig, not Bill)

3. I just finished my strawberry pincushion. I never did anything like that before and I am very proud of it. The hand-embroidering wasn’t that easy since I didn’t even know how to do a blanket-stitch or a french knot. On the pattern it was all well-explained but I seem to be more of a visual type, so I learned both of them by looking at youtube videos 🙂 Thank you youtube! And of course, thank you Heather Bailey for the pattern and the kit, can’t wait to make an apple pincushion 🙂 BTW their customer service is great, too!


Isn’t it pretty? Say it’s pretty.

4. Since I went cold turkey for three weeks, I did quite some crafting the last days. So prepare yourself for a feast 😉

I’m off for a girls night out, can’t wait to see all of them again!


About ninasays

A conference interpreter (German, English, French), living in Mannheim, Germany and taking an interest in an array of things such as papercrafting, language matters and food. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)

3 responses to “Is it cos I’m … lazy

  1. Wow Nina notices tracking shots, if i wasn`t already your biggest fan you`d have me by now 🙂

    Bill Maher was on Craig last november? Thats strange because on the new DVDs you will get soon he`s on the show in January. Hope i didn`t get the reruns by accident…

    And i already gave you mad props for that amazing strawberry but here are some more: MAD PROPS!!! 😉

  2. Cute, cute strawberry … very crafty! … and yes, I enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire also … but, it had a short run at the movies over here …

  3. That is one cute strawberry!

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