The Wild Buck

This picture was taken just one day after we got him, cute ay?

This picture was taken just one day after we got him, cute ay?

This is my dog. Well, our dog.
Referring to Thorstens entry about his dog here are some facts about Buck, the white wolf.

Name: Buck (his code name is Jesús – Spanish pronunciation with hard ch [CHeesuus]) – he already had this name when we got him, so we guess he’s named after Al Bundys dog. During the holidays we like to call him Buckolomäus (that would be Buckolomew in English) or sometimes Buckinator etc. He’s got lots of names (just like God, harhar).

Origin: He’s from an animal shelter in Madrid, Spain. We got him through an animal welfare organisation near Frankfurt/Main. So basically, by taking one of these dogs home, you do TWO good deeds: Giving an animal a new home, where it is loved and taken care of AND giving the organisation the opportunity to rescue another animal! Personally, I can only say that even though it changed my life quite a lot, I didn’t regret this decision a single day. I know I’m getting all corny here, but he is such a kind and grateful dog, I love him to pieces.

Age: He was born on July 7th in 2006, so now he’s about 2 years old. We got him at the beginning of October last year, we’re to celebrate the “anniversary” soon 🙂

Favourites: When it comes to food, there ain’t nothing he doesn’t try to eat… He likes everything apart from vegetables and bananas, esp. old macaroni directly out of the bin or anything really mouldy and disgusting from composts. Also: horse droppings… Ugh!
His girlfriend is a Rhodesian Ridgeback called Lina (see picture), but you know, Buck he’s a hot Latin Lover, he’s got a girl in every port.

Interests: Buck has oodles of hobbies, first of all there’s hunting. He once sat in a thorny bush with a wild sow. He already killed 15 voles in the vineyards (that’s where we walk him most of the time). So to all the rabbits, deers… and also cats: Watch Out!
Of course he hates cats. He always tries to hunt and eat them. When they don’t run away but instead come closer, his face gets a totally amazed expression and he starts to back off 😀

Another thing he likes to do:

He also likes to bite the bum of people who think that only pure-breds are good dogs. While we’re at it: He’s a mix of Husky, Canadian Shepherd + ?. I think there is a share of Podenco in him (pink nose, huge ears…), but we’ll never know!

Staring is another hobby Buck pursues with passion. Especially at night, he stops all the time – to stare. The white wolf stares into the dark of the night as if there was something to stare at. Which is not the case. Which drives me nuts! I’m easily scared, esp. in the dark. Someday I’ll get a heart attack because there actually WAS something.

He loves snow and sand (anything he’ll sink into):

The only thing I don’t like is that we don’t have a picture of him when he was small. He must have been so damn cute! Actually, he was given away to the shelter because of “not being cute enough anymore”. Go figure!!! I mean, just lookit:

I think he’s the most adorable dog.

Also: He likes to travel.

At the moment he is snuggled up in his blanket in the living room while we’re getting ready for a heap o’ sleep. (I just googled this collocation and was pleasantly surprised to see that it exists, hee hee and I thought you’d laugh at me for having made something up that sounds silly.)

Anyways, hope you have a good night!


About ninasays

A conference interpreter (German, English, French), living in Mannheim, Germany and taking an interest in an array of things such as papercrafting, language matters and food. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)

7 responses to “The Wild Buck

  1. Thorsten

    hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa that last picture in the suitcase is priceless 🙂

    Thanks for the entry and all these pictures, he is really cute!

  2. Aww who could resist Buck in his close up shot. He is adorable. How could anybody think that he wasn’t cute enough?

  3. He is gorgeous – a very handsome wolf indeed!

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  6. Annie

    what a cutty!!

  7. Ashley

    Is Buck truly a white wolf? We rescued a dog from a shelter that was said to be a German Shepherd mix. However, she has a different, more wolf-like appearance. She looks exactly like Buck.

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