The Big Bang

The good news first: We’re alive.
The bad news:

Do I need to say more?
Well, I guess you’re wondering how I did that. We were going to visit Renés sister in Bremen (north of Germany) and help her move to another city where she’s got her new job. So we rented a car at Sixt (my advice people: NEVER RENT A CAR FROM SIXT – NEVER). We only got 30 km from Heidelberg, which is approximately where the picture was taken.

To make the long story short: We were driving on the left lane, the traffic was dense and in front of us was a white transporter. Some small car cut into the lane before him and we couldn’t see that. The transporter guy then had to make an emergency stop. When I saw that, I slammed on the brakes as hard as I could and the next things I remember is hearing René screaming “Scheiße” (= fuck) and knowing that we won’t make it anymore, then this picture of the back of the transporter with the red lights approaching incredibly fast and finally the cushion flying into my face. So that’s how I managed to total the car.

Airbags are really useful stuff, I tells ya.
And I didn’t know that explosives are used to open an airbag, so I was totally convinced the car was smouldering. We instantly got out of the vehicle and the transporter guy called the police and stuff. Then we waited for the ambulance, the police and finally the breakdown lorry. I’m sure we produced a huge traffic jam.

Anyway, this was a day I’d happily delete if only I could…*
But as I said: on the positive side there’s that nobody was injured seriously (just whiplash and bad bruises for René and me) and poor Buck was just really confused for some time.

On the bad side there is the fact that the car wasn’t really insured (comprehensive coverage not included at Sixt – unlike at Europcar, for example…), so depending on how much guilt the small car gets for cutting into our lane, it’s getting really expensive.

The lady at Sixt told us that we should consider an amount of eight to twelve thousand Euros… Yep, that was the noise I made, when I heard it, too. For a car I haven’t driven much further than 30 kilometers!! Arrghhhh!!!!!!

So I’d say, an amount like that and the great pic of our stunt car, that should be worth some props, dontchya think?

*Mad props to René for keeping calm in the situation and comforting me!


About ninasays

A conference interpreter (German, English, French), living in Mannheim, Germany and taking an interest in an array of things such as papercrafting, language matters and food. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)

6 responses to “The Big Bang

  1. GuessWho

    OMG!(°.°) That car is quite a sight… Totally fucked-up. I’m so glad that the three of you are alright! BTW : I wouldn’t pay those guys from the car rental company one single penny. That accident clearly wasn’t your fault.

  2. ninasays

    Well, somehow it was. If I’ve had more safety distance we’d probably just have made it. Anyway, the police is convinced that this is a fact. When you’re the one who runs into another car, you’re always the guilty one. But somehow I think it might also have been a problem of my reaction time which was too long, since I don’t drive in my everyday life… A friend of us is an insurance broker and she told us that in a similar case of her colleague, the other party got 50% of the guilt. That would mean 50% of the costs as well, which would already help A LOT. But of course we have to wait for the letter from the company and then we’ll see. But thanks a lot for your sympathy 🙂 Xxx – Nina

  3. Thorsten

    Well done, stuntdriver Nina 😉

    No seriously that looks really horrible and good to hear that you three made it out of there with little to no injuries, kudos to your guardian angel 🙂

  4. ninasays

    Yeah, I knew you’d gimme credits for the pictures ;D BTW I think you should really make yourself a blog, too! I’d read it! 🙂

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